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PluSuite Digital comprises an innovative bunch of people bringing you the best and most creative logo designs to boost your brand identity, a custom logo design agency, Expert SEO Services.

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Be it any industry, be it any sector of work, be it any business, we are the best to offer you amazing services.

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The entire team of the digital marketing agency supports you in all your projects so that you can achieve your objectives

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies where we operate.

Tailor made Logo Packages You Need

We are providing our clients the best affordable logo designs online to amplify their brand identity. We don’t only claim to be the top logo design agency, our work is a testament to that. Whatever be the magnitude of your project, we will work with the same dedication to suit your needs. We have the perfect set of packages to meet all your various needs when you come to the best business logo design company.

Our offer !

PluSuite Digital , we strive to maintain our quality standards.

Logo Design

  • 1 Dedicated Logo all files
  • UnlimitedPer revisions
  • brand document
  • Company profile
  • Company profile

Stationery Design

  • Free Business Card Design
  • Free Business Brochure
  • Design (up to 3 pages)

Website Design

  • Sales funnels
  • 5 pictures
  • 1 year free domain name registration
  • 1 year free hosting
  • Registration Pages
  • Order Bonuses
  • click upsells
  • Thank you page
  • payment gateway
  • Contact form
  • Search engine submission.

Video Animation

  • 30 Seconds 2D Video Animation
  • Script Writing
  • Story Board
  • Voice Over
  • Animation with Sound Effect

Banner Design

  • 2 Design de conception
  • 2 Stock Photos for Banners

Social Media Designs Cover

  • Facebook,  Youtube, Linkedin


E-commerce Contract Has been Easy With Our Detailed Website Bundles.

Choose one from the below mentioned packages or get a custom-made website building quote.


$1,399.99 /

  • Host included 1 year
  • domain name of your choose
  • Upto 10 Unique Pages Website
  • 10 Products
  • Conceptual and Dynamic Website
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Online Reservation/Appointment Tool (Optional)
  • Online Payment Integration (Optional)
  • Custom Forms
  • 12-15 days Delivery


Plusuite marketing digital

$2,100 /

  • Host included 1 year
  • domain name of your choose
  • 15 to 20 Pages Website
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • 15 products
  • Custom Made, Interactive, Dynamic & High End Design.
  • Creating your Social Media Pages
  • Setup of pages (adding bio,website,logo etc)
  • Contact Form
  • 1 jQuery Slider Banner
  • Up to 5 Custom Made Banner Designs
  • 15-20 days Delivery


$3,399 /

  • Host included 1 year
  • domain name of your choose
  • 15 to 20 Pages Website
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Mailchimp Automatisation
  • Creating Social Mewdia Pages 3
  • Setup of Pages
  • 10 Days Creating Engaging posts Social Media
  • 25 Products
  • Content Management System (WordPress or Custom)
  • Mobile Responsive Online
  • Custom Made, Interactive, Dynamic & High End Design
  • Custom WP (or) Custom PHP Development
  • 1 jQuery Slider Banner
  • Up to 5 Custom Made Banner Designs
  • 20-30 Days Delivery

Basic Plan

$29.99 /Month

  • Increase traffic 130%
  • Backlink analysis
  • Organic traffic 215%
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 support

Advanced Plan

$29.99 /Month

  • 25 Analytics Compaign
  • 1,300 Keywords
  • 25 social media reviews
  • 1 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 support

Business Plan

$29.99 /Month

  • Increase traffic 130%
  • Backlink analysis
  • Organic traffic 215%
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 support

Professional Logo Design

2D and 3D illustrations are the backbone behind the whole process as they effectively attract and retain visitors, hence boosting your sales and ROI. We at Design Eminent believe in excellence and provide the best illustrations and ensure that you get the desired results through our intricate processes of illustrating.

Website Design

Back end development is the process where our skilled teams at Design Eminent makes sure that your website is in prime shape and is up-to-date. Everything that interconnects between the database and browser is regulated though this process. It is integral for your business and we aim to do it in the most proficient manner.

Marketing and Branding

Branding collateral and marketing collateral is a tool that can never be taken lightly and one has to make sure that enough thought and energy has been devoted to it. It supports the sales of your product and services, and makes the process streamlined. Our Brand teams at Design Eminent are experts in this line of work.

Video Advertising

Well written content is always a plus point for you as this content is the reason behind the decision making of a customer. A well written website is bound to attract more visits and sales compared to a website where content has not been so thoroughly worked at. Get content writing services at Design Eminent to reap unlimited rewards.

Social Media Marketing

Your web design is the ambassador of your services to your potential customer. You are not present on the website to convince a customer, in your absence, your website and the web design is representing you and you want the best representation for yourself! Work hand in hand with Design Eminent to get the finest web designs.

Business card , flyer or banner

Motion graphics provide an aesthetic touch to your website and it is always pleasing to view! A customer wants to work with you when your website gives them a soothing feeling and is good on the eye. Our motion graphics services are a source of pride for us and we strive to remain the best.

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We are recognized for the quality of our work and for our superior services. 

Satisfied Clients
Satisfied Clients
Satisfied Clients
Satisfied Clients

Let us aid you in the same manner and skyrocket your ROI!

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We are a unique and special set of individuals who excel in this line of work. Our end goal is to help our clientele establish a successful business and brand image. This goal has helped us work and be successful with thousands of companies.


Our experts discutent d’abord de l’idée avec vous les gens dans une grande longueur pour comprendre toutes les subtilités de votre projet.


Once your requirements and project details have reached our teams , we strategically plan the whole project


When the proper strategy is set for your project, we proceed with the work and keep updating you asvit proceeds further.


Our team do not stop untill you give us the nod! We  will be in the constant touch with you and meet all your project related demands.

Website ShowCase

Our creative experts believe video and animated content is basically the future which is why we put extreme thought and efforts into each motion design project. Our proven methodology sets us apart in the motion design industry.


Our team of creative masterminds first lay down the strategy to the whole creative script development for your motion graphic design project


Once project is handed over to the motion graphic design and development department, a proper script is developed for editing


Our design experts focus on bringing your perspective to life with excellent graphic animation tailored to your script.


Our animators and our motion graphic designers believe that the results are one of the most important part behind motion designing video

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We have successfully collaborated with thousands of corporations and businesses all over the world with advanced design solutions and company logo designs.



We believe in utter professionalism, communication, innovation and client satisfaction. We stick to this code and serve you with the best of our abilities. We do not only cater successful business, we also work for small business logo design services.

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At PluSuite Digital, we strive to maintain our quality standards. We have been honored time and time again for our work on the esteemed world stage.

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